She is an American singer, actress, and dancer.

1. Enough 2002.
Enough is a thriller film directed by Michael Apted and stars Jennifer Lopez billy Campbell and Juliet Lewi

2.  Bordertown 2007.
Bordertown is a drama film written and directed by Gregory Nava and stars Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Bandera

4.  Parker 2013.
Parker is an action thriller film directed by Taylor Hackford and stars Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez

5. The cell 2000.
The cell is a science fiction psychological horror film directed by tarsem singh and stars Jennifer Lopez, Vince Vaughn and vincent Donofrio

6. Hustlers 2019.
Hustlers is a crime drama film written and directed by Laureen scafaria and stars constance wu, Jennifer Lopez and kiki palmer

7. U-turn 1997.
U-turn is a neo-noir crime thriller film directed by Oliver Stone and stars sean Penn, Jennifer Lopez

8. Selena 1997.
Selena is a biographical musical drama film written and directed by Gregory nava